Transformer Winding Machine

Product Overview transformer winding machine

 Integrating multi automatic winding taping machines to a production line. transformer winding machine ),vibration plate load the bobbin, coil products are transferred automatically to next station via inflexible mechanical hand. transformer winding machine ), The entire production line is in accordance with a production cycle times. It is used to multi layers winding coils, 

Advantage of inflexible connections

   Saving labour cost. Suitable for high volume production for one type coil , one worker can operate 2~3 production lines.

  The production line can add or reduce the number of winding machines easily 

Characteristics of production line  
  The core standard parts are imported high-quality components.

The main body is made of cast iron. The whole weight is up to 820KG, which ensures the stability of the equipment.

  Equipment with fast replacing fixture structure, which can be replaced without removing the screw.

Assembled by ASCEND’s original multi-axial taping structure, thoroughly solved the problems in the field like failure winding, taping deviating and so on.

200 meters of tape can be installed, triple using time than existent.

Using Scope

High-frequency transformers, low frequency transformers, switching power
transformer coils and other.






Number of spindles





Max. spindle speed


(mm) Center distance





Spindle servo motor power



Max. bobbin rotating diameter




 (mm) Max. rotating diameter for assembling accessorial upload structure




Loading/unloading method

Shaking plate feeding, mechanical hands transfer, unloading

Control system

Programmable logic controller, support for multi-spindle interpolation operation


7-Inch color touch screen


Inside diameter of fast fixture


 (mm)Applicable wire size

0.4(Additional pneumatic scissors it can be up to 0.8)


XYZ axis moving distance

X100   Y140   Z110

Max. XYZ axis moving speed



Tape width


Narrow taping structure 1-10

Standard taping structure 5-15

Cooperative customer

ur customer include  TDK CO.,LTD ,  Pulse Electronics ,  Coilcraft,  

Foxconn ,   Sumida Corparation ,    et



Company profile 

Zhuhai Ascend Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in designing, manufacturing,selling automatic winding machine and peripheral automation equipment. Automatic winding machine includes transformer winding, the DR core winding, automatic winding taping, winding taping and soldering production line (inflexible and flexible connection), SMD inductor winding and other special automatic winding. Peripheral automation equipment including automatic skeinering, automatic soldering, automatic test equipment and so on. Applicable for high-frequency transformer, low frequency transformer, the DR core, SMD core, ignition coil, relay coil, hollow-coil and other special coils in the industries.

Ascend was founded in 2008. In the era when Japanese brand winding machines monopolize the global market, Ascend independently developed China's first 12-axis winding taping machine, quickly taking the market in China and Southeast Asia by storm with its tremendously competitive prices, excellent quality and professional after-sale service. Our products are now exported to countries all over the world including Brazil, UK and other European & American countrieswhich ensures Ascend to steadily lead the best selling winding machine list in China.

During the past decade, Ascend has always adhered to technological innovation in order to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. By the means of continuous research and development. Up to March ,2017, obtained a total of 5 invention patents and 48 utility model patents, successfully cooperated with Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai College on product-study -research projects Certified by ISO9001 ,ISO14001 certification system and entitled Guangdong High-tech enterprise    In the progress of constant development, we always strive for excellence, so as to realize the perfect user experience.

Guanddong High-tech enterprise                      5 invention patents and 48 utility model patents,  


ISO9001 ,ISO14001 certification

Ascend Technology is always in pursuit of excellent quality and best service as a first-class brand. We truly appreciate your time and look forward to cooperating with you.