Automobile coil is the new trend for coil winding machine industry

    The worldwide Electronic & Electrical Components Manufacturer expedite the research and promotion of new business and new products in these years, but digital household application and pc Market still grow slowly, industry and commerce area or Automation machines also less needs and diverse demand .innovation of relevant production line still have to process, so electronic manufacturer still is going to focus on the smart phone and automotive components industry. Both of them still are the most important development area for the coil winding machine and coil soldering machine industry.


    “Murato” put wireless communication modulars of smart phone and automobile in the priority  list specially focus on MEMS motion sensor of automobile

 “Taiya Yuden “ focus on ultrathin laminated ceramics capacitance ,metal power conductance, LTE and LTE advanced of filter element , and sensor of  automobile and  electric system, prefer to small element

   “TDK” claim they will beef up the both of mobile phone and automobile element, like capacitance, inductor and sensor and filter element of smart phone,


 Japanese electronic components manufacturer do a great contribution on automobile and machine tool industry in the last few years, heat resisting, high vibrating, high voltage component become more and more, become a new trending new selling point .like Nippon Chemicon and Nichicon, they launch relevant new style capacitor and products planning blueprint, new style high performance automobile components is gradually increase.


 Base on the characteristics of automobile components, the automobile manufacturer always text the new products over one years, if it is ok, it will keep purchasing next 5~10 years, it means the new components developed in 2015, it will usually be adopted as early as 2017.

In contrast, the smart phones are launched at a much faster rate, so its marketing sales till goes well now, so the majority of manufacturer still forces on the smart phones in the short terms.

    Automobile coil will be the new cash cow in electrical components industry , since it took a long time to test the new designed coil , once it is adopted ,it will require a huge amount and single type ,it will be good for the produce ,but it also has much high demand for the winding craft , it is both opportunity and challenge for the automation industry . Ascend realize this trend in a very early time and engaged in automobile coil producing automation equipment development for a long time. Our coil winding machine and coil soldering machine and series of production line for automobile coil have earned us a reputation and get a credit at quality parts and stable performance.






Top 5 Accessories brand of winding machine

As the cutting-edge technology products in theindustry, automatic winding machines' core components' stability and durability directly influence the performance of the machines. Therefore, the selection of the world's top brand components are crucial and the guarantee for the stable operation of the machines. The following is the world's top brands for components in winding machines.


A. Motor

2016 Global Motor Manufacturer rankings

1. Yaskawa

Founded in 1915 Japan, steadily listed in the top ten motor brands, with high rotational speed, strong resistance to overload (can withstand the load of three times torque), strong stability, low heat and noise etc.which is the main motor brand for Ascend's winding machines.

2 Mitsubishi

Founded in 1870, one of Japan's strongest manufacturers for R&D

3. Johnson Electric

Founded in 1959, a large multinational corporation headquartered in Hong Kong, one of the world's largest motor manufacturers

4. Panasonic

 Founded in 1918 Japan, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies

5. Sanyo

Founded in 1947, Japan's largest enterprise group, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies



1. Siemens

Siemens PLC products are rather mainstream in China with relatively low prices but communication functions are just average.

2. Omron

Omron PLC is a type of versatile and compact PLC, which can provide high value-added machine control for the industry-leading transmission and distribution techniques, which makes it the preferred PLC brand of Ascend's.

3. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi PLC has developed a variety of models series, with small dimensions, fast speed, high performance etc.

4. Rockwell

Rockwell AB PLC features in good communication functions and stability.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic is known for high cost-effectiveness and fast processing speed.


C. Solenoid valve


1. Norgren,UK

UK Norgren is the world's leading manufacturer and suppliers of pneumatic products, its solenoid valve features include low density and high filling properties, corrosion resistance etc.,considerably high prices.


2. SMC corporation,Japan

SMC was founded in 1959, its products are world-renowned for features like wide variety, high reliability, economicalness,durability etc.,which can meet the needs of different users in many areas. SMC pneumatic components are acknowledged by the industry as the world's first-class products for its high performance, high quality, high cost-effectiveness and technical leadership and received high comments from customers. Therefore, it's also the prefered brand for Ascend's winding machines to ensure high quality and stable operation.



ASCO has more than 100 years of experience in production technology, its unique design of solenoid valves achieves the minimum wear and tear and a long service life.


4. Festo,Germany

Festo is the first pneumatic company who received the ISO 9001 certification in the industry. Festo solenoid valve features are easy to install, durable and stable.


5. Parker Hannifen,US

Parker Solenoid Valves have a special valve core design, stainless steel valve seat, low power consumption and a longe service life.


D. Cylinder rankings

1 Cy. Pag Italy

2 Bimba Corp.US

3 SMC Japan

4 Kinetrol, UK

5 AirTAC,Taiwan


E. Guide rail rankings



F. Lead screw rankings






H. Belt rankings

1. Gates, USA

2. Optibelt, Germany

3. Bando, Japan

4. Goodyear,US

5. MBL,Japan

6. ContiTech,Germany

7. Megadyne,Italy


In summary, in order to choose the most suitable winding machine components, we not only have to evaluate the brand, quality and performance, but also need to consider the compatibility and cost-effectiveness according to the practical producition demands. Ascend technology has always  been stuck to the  principles that quality comes first, develop with technologymarket-oriented and service is life. The Ascenders always bear the attitude of striving for perfection and constantly contribute the power to the development of China's hig

In-depth analysis report of enameled wire industry for winding machine

Enameled wire is a major variety of winding wires which have conductive metal wire with the insulating layer. It produces electromagnetic effect in the form of winding and realizes the conversion of electric energy and magnetic energy, motion control and signal transmission. The wire consists of two parts, conductor and insulating layer.The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then made by painting and heating for many times. A variety of enameled wire's quality and features are different, but all have mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties.

    Enameled wire is the main raw materials of electrical machinery, electrical appliances and household appliances. Especially in the recent years, the electric power and household appliances industry are growing rapidly the application of which brings a broader potential field as well as a higher demand for enameled wires. Enameled wire product structure needs further adjustment along with the corresponding raw materials (copper, paint), paint packaging technology, process equipment and testing means, etc.which also need  development and research.

Enameled  wire classification

 International enameled wire companies can be categorized into large industrial groups supporters and enameled wire experts. The major five international manufacturers are: Alcatel, Essex, Phelps Dodge, Rea and Elektrisola Group.
The comparison and analysis of the global main enameled wire companies 

ctrical motors, transformers, household appliances, electric tools, automobiles, relays, electronic transformers, electro-acoustic devices etc. Because of the different features of  various industries, it has different requirements, the specific conditions are as follow:

Requirements for enameled wire in various industries


enameled wire type required



QZG,AIW,200-grade composite wire

Electric power, Traction,

Distribution Transformer

paper package wire, combination conductor, transposition conductor, acetal wire,

200-grade composite flat wire, large-scale round wire, film wrap wire, Nomex paper wire

Electric tools


200级复合线,g200 composite QZY

Electronic transformer


QZY,EIW,g200 composite wire

Micro-special motor


QZG,EIW,g200 composite wire

Electroacoustic device

PEW,UEW,g200 composite wire,ALW,CCAW,enameled flat


Control relay


Automobile and electric vehicle


QZG,EIW, self bonding wire,g200 composite wire

Home Appliance


 self bonding wire,litz wire,PEW,UEW

Fridge, AC

g200 composite wire,PEW,UEW

Microwave oven

g200 composite copper wire,

g200 composite aluminum  wire

Vacuum cleaner

EIW,g200 composite wire

Washing machine


   With the transfer of the world manufacturing center and the formation of China as the world manufacturing center, the global enameled wire market has gradually shifted to China. At the same time, benefiting from electrical,machinery home appliances and other technological progress industries, electronic information as the mainstay of high-tech industries and economic globalization and other factors, China's enameled wire industry keeps developing at a high speed. China's enameled wire production has become the largest scale in the world instead of the U.S.,Japan etc.   



The comparison between ductile iron and steel square tube as winding machine base

Ductile iron, also known as nodular cast ironspheroidal graphite cast iron, and SG iron. It is obtained by adding a certain amount of nodularizer and graphitizer in the molten iron before casting to help with the crystallization of spherical graphite, which has high strength, good toughness and plasticity, and is a good material with advantages of both steel and cast irons.

Steel square tube refers to a square steel pipe, made of carbon steel, cast steel or other materials, is what traditional winding machine manufacturers use to make machine base. So what's the difference between the two materials?

1. Ductile iron's yield strength is higher than steel square. Ductile iron's yield strength ratio is 0.60.65 and steel's is only 0.50.55. The yield strength means that the external force above this limit will cause permanent deformation of parts.Therefore, steel square's ability to resist pressure is weaker, prone to plastic deformation, and ductile iron is more suitable for carrying the high-speed operating impact of winding machines.

 2. Ductile iron contains a large amount of graphite, which per sehas a lubricating effect. The hollows formed by graphite falling  can adsorb and store lubricants, which gives castings good wear resistance. Graphite can also prevent the transmission of movementsso ductile iron's shock resistance is 10 times of steel's which makes it particularly suitable for vibration-bearing machine base.

 3. Ductile iron can give full play to the material potential through heat treatmentwhich has excellent mechanical properties. Its tensile strength is the highest of all kinds of cast iron. So it's often used instead of carbon steel to carry heavy and complex parts. And steel square may have brittle fractures, or thick plate layer tearing in low temperature or some other conditions.

 4. The carbon content of ductile iron is generally 4.34.7%. And the carbon content of steel is generally 0.40.5. Because of the high stability of carbon, the corrosion resistance of ductile iron is more than 10 times times that of steel. However,  manganese content of steel is high and the stability of manganese is very poor. Therefore, the steel's resistance to chemical corrosion is poor, easy to rust with fakes brokening off, which is not goood for the long-term maintenance of the machine.

With reference to all the factors mentioned above, ductile iron makes the best material choice for Ascend's machine base because of its excellent toughness, wear resistance, pressure-bearing and shock resistance.

ASCEN in China-Israel investment summit

June 27, at 2017at 9 A.M., the warmly anticipated third China-Israel investment summit opened in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center and came to a successful end the next day.

The summit was presided by the mayor of Zhuhai Li Zezhong and addressed by Zhuhai  party secretary Guo Yuanqiang, Israel's ambassador to China He Zewei, director of the Center for International Cooperation of the National Development and Reform Commission, Cao Wenxian and chairman of the Innonation and Innonation chairman, founder and managing partner of Infinity Group Amir Gal Or. The Minister for Regional Cooperation of Israel Tzachi Hanegbi, who was unable to attend the meetingalso recorded a speech to present to the audienc