Automobile coil is the new trend for coil winding machine industry

    The worldwide Electronic & Electrical Components Manufacturer expedite the research and promotion of new business and new products in these years, but digital household application and pc Market still grow slowly, industry and commerce area or Automation machines also less needs and diverse demand .innovation of relevant production line still have to process, so electronic manufacturer still is going to focus on the smart phone and automotive components industry. Both of them still are the most important development area for the coil winding machine and coil soldering machine industry.


    “Murato” put wireless communication modulars of smart phone and automobile in the priority  list specially focus on MEMS motion sensor of automobile

 “Taiya Yuden “ focus on ultrathin laminated ceramics capacitance ,metal power conductance, LTE and LTE advanced of filter element , and sensor of  automobile and  electric system, prefer to small element

   “TDK” claim they will beef up the both of mobile phone and automobile element, like capacitance, inductor and sensor and filter element of smart phone,


 Japanese electronic components manufacturer do a great contribution on automobile and machine tool industry in the last few years, heat resisting, high vibrating, high voltage component become more and more, become a new trending new selling point .like Nippon Chemicon and Nichicon, they launch relevant new style capacitor and products planning blueprint, new style high performance automobile components is gradually increase.


 Base on the characteristics of automobile components, the automobile manufacturer always text the new products over one years, if it is ok, it will keep purchasing next 5~10 years, it means the new components developed in 2015, it will usually be adopted as early as 2017.

In contrast, the smart phones are launched at a much faster rate, so its marketing sales till goes well now, so the majority of manufacturer still forces on the smart phones in the short terms.

    Automobile coil will be the new cash cow in electrical components industry , since it took a long time to test the new designed coil , once it is adopted ,it will require a huge amount and single type ,it will be good for the produce ,but it also has much high demand for the winding craft , it is both opportunity and challenge for the automation industry . Ascend realize this trend in a very early time and engaged in automobile coil producing automation equipment development for a long time. Our coil winding machine and coil soldering machine and series of production line for automobile coil have earned us a reputation and get a credit at quality parts and stable performance.