Top 5 Accessories brand of winding machine

As the cutting-edge technology products in theindustry, automatic winding machines' core components' stability and durability directly influence the performance of the machines. Therefore, the selection of the world's top brand components are crucial and the guarantee for the stable operation of the machines. The following is the world's top brands for components in winding machines.


A. Motor

2016 Global Motor Manufacturer rankings

1. Yaskawa

Founded in 1915 Japan, steadily listed in the top ten motor brands, with high rotational speed, strong resistance to overload (can withstand the load of three times torque), strong stability, low heat and noise etc.which is the main motor brand for Ascend's winding machines.

2 Mitsubishi

Founded in 1870, one of Japan's strongest manufacturers for R&D

3. Johnson Electric

Founded in 1959, a large multinational corporation headquartered in Hong Kong, one of the world's largest motor manufacturers

4. Panasonic

 Founded in 1918 Japan, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies

5. Sanyo

Founded in 1947, Japan's largest enterprise group, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies



1. Siemens

Siemens PLC products are rather mainstream in China with relatively low prices but communication functions are just average.

2. Omron

Omron PLC is a type of versatile and compact PLC, which can provide high value-added machine control for the industry-leading transmission and distribution techniques, which makes it the preferred PLC brand of Ascend's.

3. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi PLC has developed a variety of models series, with small dimensions, fast speed, high performance etc.

4. Rockwell

Rockwell AB PLC features in good communication functions and stability.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic is known for high cost-effectiveness and fast processing speed.


C. Solenoid valve


1. Norgren,UK

UK Norgren is the world's leading manufacturer and suppliers of pneumatic products, its solenoid valve features include low density and high filling properties, corrosion resistance etc.,considerably high prices.


2. SMC corporation,Japan

SMC was founded in 1959, its products are world-renowned for features like wide variety, high reliability, economicalness,durability etc.,which can meet the needs of different users in many areas. SMC pneumatic components are acknowledged by the industry as the world's first-class products for its high performance, high quality, high cost-effectiveness and technical leadership and received high comments from customers. Therefore, it's also the prefered brand for Ascend's winding machines to ensure high quality and stable operation.



ASCO has more than 100 years of experience in production technology, its unique design of solenoid valves achieves the minimum wear and tear and a long service life.


4. Festo,Germany

Festo is the first pneumatic company who received the ISO 9001 certification in the industry. Festo solenoid valve features are easy to install, durable and stable.


5. Parker Hannifen,US

Parker Solenoid Valves have a special valve core design, stainless steel valve seat, low power consumption and a longe service life.


D. Cylinder rankings

1 Cy. Pag Italy

2 Bimba Corp.US

3 SMC Japan

4 Kinetrol, UK

5 AirTAC,Taiwan


E. Guide rail rankings



F. Lead screw rankings






H. Belt rankings

1. Gates, USA

2. Optibelt, Germany

3. Bando, Japan

4. Goodyear,US

5. MBL,Japan

6. ContiTech,Germany

7. Megadyne,Italy


In summary, in order to choose the most suitable winding machine components, we not only have to evaluate the brand, quality and performance, but also need to consider the compatibility and cost-effectiveness according to the practical producition demands. Ascend technology has always  been stuck to the  principles that quality comes first, develop with technologymarket-oriented and service is life. The Ascenders always bear the attitude of striving for perfection and constantly contribute the power to the development of China's hig