1.Company profile


Zhuhai Ascend Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in designing, manufacturing,selling automatic winding machine and peripheral automation equipment. Automatic winding machine includes transformer winding machine, the DR core winding machine, automatic winding taping machine, winding taping and soldering production line (inflexible and flexible connection), SMD inductor winding machine and other special automatic winding machines. Peripheral automation equipment including automatic stranding machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic test equipment and so on. Applicable for high-frequency transformer, low frequency transformer, the DR core, SMD core, ignition coil, relay coil, hollow-coil and other special coils in the industries.


Our company has always insisted lean production concept in equipment planning, mechanical designing, program development, parts making, assembling and shakedown test, after-sales service. Using high qualityhigh efficiency ,fast response ,short lead time to meet the customers requirements.


Ascend respect for science and talent to built up development and research team, We focus on every detail, control the quality of each part, to assemble and adjusting with lean thinking. Our R&D team has over 10 years of experiences in winding machines or automation equipments, can make effective response to customers personalized needs.


Transforming science and technology into productivity is both our vigorous pursuit and customer expectations, we take quality as the core, through improve production techniques and production methods, to realize higher quality, higher efficiency, lower cost.

2.R&D Ability


ASCEND is thinking about science and talent as the basic idea to build up research and development team. Equipment R&D is adopted by modular structure. The function contains winding, taping, skeiner, scissors wire cutting etc. Customers can choose the right modules to meet their production process of the coil. Our professional R & D team can also provide technology solutions following the specifications and samples provided by the customer, with the processes of designing, model making and confirmation, which is not only meet customer’s requirements but also guarantee the equipment's versatility.


3. Production management

Production management is an important process that transfers science and technology into productivity. The perfect product is our relentless pursue. We introduce “lean production” to the production management, continuously improve quality of equipment.